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This website has an Advanced Search Facility which enables you to search by single keywords or phrases and find articles within certain categories and date ranges.

Please note that our archive of nearly 3,000 articles is mostly available only by searching as we have not yet completely categorized articles from 2002 - 2010.

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Images in the Photo section of our site may be freely downloaded for media and activist use if they are credited to "Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign" or "Stop the Wall Campaign", unless a photographer's name is given, which should be credited.

Unless specific permission is given in the text to the contrary, please use images from our site by downloading them rather than linking. You can download the image with a right-click > Save Image As.... Where noted, please respect the photographers copyright of images on our site and always use attribution either directly to the photographer, which is shown beneath the photographs in most cases, or to our website if you are unsure of the original photographer.

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