Palestinians Under the New Israeli "Disengagement Plan'"

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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign
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Israeli Apartheid

This fact sheet documents the appalling plan for Palestine that is shaping up behind Israeli slogans of "disengagements," a comprehensive scheme for colonial domination and conquest based on racial discrimination. It highlights the ways in which four main construction projects—the building of new settlements and the expansion of existing settlements; the construction of more settlers-only "by-pass" road; the building of a system of bridges (for settlers) and tunnels (for Palestinians); and the setting up of industrial zones that will be sites for exploiting impoverished Palestinian labor—combine today with the Apartheid Wall into a plan for the full Bantustanization of the Palestinian people. The fact sheet includes three maps illustrating the destructive effects of the so-called "disengagement" plan on all Palestinian life. It is an important tool for informing others about the real face of Israeli Apartheid and the real nature of these plans, and why they must be stopped now.



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