Mais Recente de Palestina: Movimento da Juventude Independente

Al Hirak AL Shababi/Independent Youth Movement (IYM)

The Independent Youth Movement (Hirak Shebabi) is a coalition of politically independent youth. It is an activist network born out of and aims to embody the will of the Palestinian people. The Hirak Shebabi is an umbrella organization composed of youth affiliated to various political factions and parties as well as civil society organizations and local groups. It is not subordinate to any political party or faction. Membership of Hirak Shebabi does not require adherence to specific ideological or political leanings. Hirak Shebabi further seeks to unite groups active in social and national liberation under one coalition and considers diversity and plurality an advantage that pushes towards inclusiveness.

The Independent Youth Movement is driven by national concerns. It was among the first youth groups to take to the streets on March 15th and continues to organize local and national activities and protests.

We call for ending the division through direct elections to the Palestinian National Council (PNC) of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). New PNC elections guarantee representation of all Palestinians wherever they live including those living in the territory occupied in 1948, 1967 and the diaspora. They will unify the Palestinian people around one political platform and this new representation will allow us to develop a new common Palestinian strategy of struggle. This strategy has to adopt a political, economic and cultural discourse that counters and amends the discourse that has been accepted over the last twenty years, re-establishes the narrative of the Palestinian cause that has been distorted and truncated and meets the aspirations and sacrifices of our Palestinian people.

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