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Stop Elbit

Elbit on the ground


The Gaza connection


Wandering Raven has published an excellent summary of the information publicly available on the use of drones – in particular Elbit drones Hermes 450 and Hermes 900 – during the Gaza massacre this July/August. The testimonies about use and development of drones include the Israeli defense minister, military commanders and news outlets.

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Elbit ammunition turning Palestinian fields in de facto mine fields


The practice of the Israeli army to use Palestinian villages and their lands as their training fields and  leaving behind, among others, agricultural fields littered with unexploded ammunition and explosive devices, continues. This January residents of Khirbet Twael together with Stop the Wall activists discovered fields filled with dangerous ammunition, among them mortar bombs that most likely are Elbit Systems SOLTAM 81 mm mortar bombs.

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Victories of the Stop Elbit Campaign


Elbit Systems loses key Brazil deal over Palestine protests

On 03 December 2014 the governor of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul released an open letter announcing the end of a major collaboration deal with Israeli military company Elbit Systems in the wake of protests over the firm’s role in oppression of Palestinians.
Brazilian social movements and trade unions and Palestinian groups had called on authorities to cancel the deal over Elbit’s role in the construction of Israel’s illegal apartheid Wall in the occupied West Bank and its close relationship with the Israeli military.
Rio Grande do Sul governor Tarso Genro had signed a research cooperation dealmaking Elbit the first Israeli military company to lead Brazilian military projects in April 2013. Elbit was to be provided access to public funding and technologies produced by four local universities. A $17m plan to build a military satellite is among the projects cancelled by Tuesday’s announcement.

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The Netherlands


After news of protests, Elbit decides not to present its new missile system at Rotterdam arms fair

On November 20, seven organizations and some 50 individual activists staged a protest against the NIDV arms fair held at the AHOY in Rotterdam. The announcement of the protest a few days before appeared to have caused considerable commotion. As a result Elbit decided not to display its new missile system at the fair, but to limit its presentation to a stall with leaflets. This was reported by the Dutch rightwing morning paper DeTelegraaf, after which the press ran out to follow the events.

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Shenstone – Elbit subsidiary


After the occupation of the Elbit subsidiary in Shenstone by pro-Palestine activists in August, on Friday October 10, people from churches in Birmingham and Lichfield, supported by staff and students from a Birmingham theological college, sounded bells, whistles and drums outside the plant. The Elbit subsidiary, UAV Engines, produces engines for the Hermes 450 and Hermes 900 Elbit drones, used and developed during the massacres in Gaza.
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Pro-Palestine and anti-NATO protestors that took action in a Barclays branch in Newport  on September 5 during the NATO summit were cleared from charges on November 11. Three women and one man superglued themselves to desks in the branch of the UK bank that is the biggest institutional shareholder of Elbit Systems to protest the bank's with Israel's war crimes.
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A number of UK organizations organized protest actions all over the country on November 29, the UN day of solidarity with the Palestinian people, to pressure the UK government and British companies to end all relationships with Israeli arms companies and to end all forms of military cooperation with Israel.
BARCLAYS branches across the country were forced to close after pro-Palestine activists staged sit-in demonstrations today. The flagship Barclays branch in Piccadilly Circus closed three hours early as 35 people from London's Palestine Action network held a sit-in occupation.

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The Swiss government plans to purchase six Elbit drones during 2015. A large coalition of Swiss civil society has started a campaign to stop this purchase.
In October a petition was launched to ask for the cancellation of the plans. Around 27000 people have signed the petition, which will be delivered in February.
During October a series of public conferences have been held to raise awareness about the planned deal to support the Israeli war industry.
The campaign continues, the campaign poster and more info can be found at: in French or in German.



According to the French Chief of the Defense Staff, the French army plans to replace its tactical drones by 2016/2017. According to the head of the Direction General de l’Armement, this technological choice could be done throughout the year 2015. Among the possible choices, the drone Watchkeeper is highly placed.

The drone Watchkeeper is developed by the United Kingdom branch of the French group Thales and based on the drone Hermes 450 of the Israeli company Elbit Systems.

In January the French BDS Committee started a petition to launch a campaign against the purchase of the Watchkeeper drones.
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Elbit contracts




Media reported on October 22, that Elbit Systems has been awarded contracts from an unnamed Asian country for roughly $85 million, as Israel's Asian ties continue to blossom. While the contracting country was left unnamed, the F-5 is currently widely in use both in China and South Korea.
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Elbit Systems announced on December 23 that its wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary, Elbit Systems of America, LLC ("Elbit Systems of America"), received a directed subcontract from the Brazilian Navy for the upgrade of four Grumman C-1A aircraft. The prime contract is held by Marsh Aviation Company of Mesa, Arizona. The subcontract, valued at $106 million, will be performed by Elbit Systems of America over a five-year period.
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On October 31, Elbit Systems announced that it has been awarded a contract to deliver its mobile satellite communications system, ELSAT 2100 satellite-on-the-move (SOTM), to the Canadian Armed Forces. Awarded by Rheinmetall Canada, work will be carried out over an 18-month period. Financial details of the contract remain undisclosed.
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European Union

F-35 might undercut European arms export policy – Nine countries are officially participating in the F-35 program, all based in North America and Europe. Although Israel is not one of the 'nine', it is also participating in the production of the F-35. Israeli arms company Elbit Systems has been selected to join the production of the F-35’s helmet-mounted display systems together with Rockwell Collins from the US.
Clients for the F-35 come from Asia and the Middle East, including the UAE and last but not least Israel. Here the heat comes around the corner. Because when countries join in F-35 production, the export policies of the US will be followed. European restrictions on exports, which would theoretically prohibit exports that prolong armed conflict or in countries that disrespect human rights and international humanitarian law – will not be taken into account as is stated in a number of Memoranda of Understanding. This will facilitate Israeli demands to buy the fighter jets, even though it has been extensively proven that they will be used against the Palestinian and other Arab people.
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On November 17, 2014 news reports informed that Elbit Systems will equip Airbus A400M airlifters of the German Air Force  with Elbit Systems' J-MUSIC Multi-Spectral Directed Infrared Counter Measure systems.

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Latin America


Elbit Systems announced on announced on August 13 that it was awarded a contract to supply a Latin American country with Command, Control (C4I) systems.
The project, to be performed over a three-year period, is part of the extensive modernization program and is designated for all echelons, from the maneuvering forces up to the command headquarters. The new, unified communications network will play an important role during emergencies and natural hazards and disasters and will facilitate a real-time common operational picture, providing the Land Forces with enhanced operational performance and situational awareness.
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On October 13, 2014, Elbit Systems announced that its wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary, Elbit Systems of America, LLC, ("Elbit Systems of America"), was awarded an approximately $12.7 million contract to provide Apache Aviator Integrated Helmets (AAIH) to the United States Army.
For more see:$12.7M+U.S.+Army+Helmet+Contract/9904689.html


On November 11, Elbit Systems announced  that its wholly-owned US subsidiary Elbit Systems of America has been awarded a five-year, $29 million contract by the United States Air Force (USAF). The contract is for logistics support of the USAF’s F-16 head-up display (HUD) electric module assemblies. For more see:


On December 16, new reported that Elbit Systems of America has signed a public-private partnership (PPP) agreement with Ogden Air Logistic Complex (OO-ALC) to improve support for US soldiers. The agreement defines how the two entities will work together during prospective contract opportunities to bring the best possible services and solutions to soldiers.
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Despite the EU guidelines restricting funding by EU instruments regarding entities and projects involving the Israeli settlement project, Elbit Systems aims to apply again for funding.
Elbit Systems is provenly a key agent in the construction of the illegal Wall and 'securing' a number of Israeli settlements and Elbit technology are developed and used not only for the illegal Wall and the settlements but as well in order to implement other Israeli war crimes, such as during the latest attack on Gaza in July/August 2014, which killed over 2200 Palestinians. Yet, it seems to be expecting to benefit from the loopholes in the EU guidelines to once again receive generous funding  financed by EU tax money. See for example:

February 2015: Elbit on trial, not Stop Arming Israel protesters!


As part of UK wide Stop Arming Israel campaigns calling for a two-way arms embargo on 5-7 August 2014 nine protestors got onto the roof of an Israeli-owned arms factory making engines for drones, shutting it down for 2 days. As a result they have been charged with ‘aggravated trespass’. The protestors believe it is Britain’s arms trade with Israel and arms manufacturer ElbitSystems, which owns the factory, which should be in the dock.

A date has now been set for the trial. It will start on Monday 9th February 2015 at 9.30am at Newcastle-under-Lyme magistrates’ court and is expected to last about 5 days.

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Watch out for updates.

Arms fairs:


April 14 to17, Rio de Janeiro: LAAD Defense and Security. A dozen Israeli arms and security companies are already registered to exhibit. Elbit subsidiaries are among them.

April 28 to 30, Prague: The International Training and Exhibition Conference (ITEC). More:

June 3 to 5, Rotterdam Harbour: Underwater Defence Technology (UDT) fair. Submarines, torpedo's and sonar, all the hidden under-surface killers will be presented here. Some are or will be armed with nuclear weapons, like those subs of France, UK, US and Israel. Companies such as Lockheed, Martin, Airbus (EADS), Thales, Raytheon, British Aerospace and Finmechanica were at show in 2005.