Video Footage of the Commercial Demolitions in Barta'a Sharqiya

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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

At 6:00am on July 20th, 2004 Occupation forces moved into Barta'a Sharqiya with hundreds of troops, and a large number of bulldozers, and began demolishing factories and shops in the village's commercial area, demolishing some 26 commercials buildings in the course of the day, destroying the livelihoods of hundreds of Palestinians. This video shows the razing of several small shops, and the flattening of a larger commercial building. There is also a longer video available for download that shows the full extent of the destruction wrought on the people of Barta'a Sharqiya.


If the above video doesn't play automatically, click here to download, and play in Quicktime. 2 minutes 09 seconds, 5.9 MB

To download the full video of the Barta'a demolitions click here. Quicktime. 7 minutes 44 seconds, 17.6 MB


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