Demonstrations in Norway against the Wall mark Three Years of the Intifada
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Demonstrations in Norway against the Wall mark Three Years of the Intifada

To mark the third year of the Intifada and amplify the call from Palestine to “STOP THE WALL!” the Norwegian People’s Aid & Association of Norwegian NGO’s for Palestine organized a series of lectures, film screenings, and demonstrations from the 26th to the 30th of September in major cities across Norway.

***image5***The series of events in solidarity with Palestine began Friday the 26th with a media campaign on the Wall in Oslo where letters of protest to Israel’s War in Palestine were sent to Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jan Petersen along with PENGON’s book The Wall in Palestine: Facts, Testimonies, Analysis, and Call to Action. The evening followed with a series of documentaries on Palestine and a guest lecturer who addressed the Wall’s devastating implications on life in Palestine.

Between 800 and 1,000 people gathered at the Norwegian Parliament in Oslo on Saturday the 29th, marking three years of the Intifada, and marched to the Israeli Embassy with slogans calling to “Stop Israel’s War Crimes!”, “Let the Refugees Return”, and “Stop the Wall in Palestine!” Similar protests were coordinated in Trondheim and Kristiansand.

***image3***Momentum continued after the demonstrations; for the following three days meetings were held in multiple cities with an agenda to organize to TEAR DOWN THE WALL IN PALESTINE. Solidarity groups across the country then committed to making October a month of activities for meetings, training workshops, and lectures to inform the Norwegian public about the Wall along with lobbying efforts to their Parliament to pressure Israel to stop the Wall. In an effort to build public consciousness on the Wall, resolutions against the Wall are being written for groups ranging from trade unions to political parties to take a unified public stance.