Palestinian Unity and National Mobilization to Mark November 9th
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Palestinian Unity and National Mobilization to Mark November 9th

November 9th was declared in June of this year by the villages and cities affected by the Apartheid Wall, as part of the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, as the Palestinian national and the international day against the Wall.

The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign together with the National and Islamic Forces (composed of all the Palestinian political parties) have formed the Popular Campaign Against the Apartheid Wall in order to organize for the day and week of activities against the Wall. The Campaign is calling for the Palestinian people in all sectors, organizations, and movements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to participate in the week of activities.

***image2***During the week between the 9th-16th, there will be demonstrations, events and other protest activities in all the main cities in the West Bank and Gaza: In Ramallah, Jerusalem, Nablus, Jenin, Tulkarem, Qalqiliya, Bethlehem, Salfit, Hebron as well as cities in the Gaza Strip. In addition, an activities and protest tent is being set-up at the Baladna Cultural Center in the Ramallah City Center which includes an exhibition about the Wall along with publications, reports, posters, and national and cultural activities.

The Palestinian people are not on their own in this mobilization-over 50 events and demonstrations in some 20 countries across the globe will take place as people worldwide go out to the streets on November 9th in a call to bring down the Wall and in solidarity with what will be taking place in Palestine and the Palestinian call.

As November 9th is the focal point of action against the Wall, the following are expected to be the main activities taking place on that day:

West Bank and Gaza Strip
* General strike has been declared for the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip between the hours of 12-2PM.

Qalqiliya City– 12 Noon
* Popular gathering at the city municipality where a march will begin to the south of the caged city in order to hold a protest at the Wall.

Tulkarem City– 12 Noon
* After gathering in Tulkarem’s center square, crowds will walk to the Wall for a demonstration.

Zububa, Jenin District– 11 AM
* Residents from Zububa and neighboring villages will demonstrate at a section of the Wall which tears though their village.

Ramallah– 12 Noon
* Manara, Ramallah City Center. The Manara will be closed for traffic for the 2 hours of the general strike in order to be the focal point of a large, national demonstration.

Numerous other demonstrations are being concretized and will be publicized in the coming day.