30,000 Take to the Streets in Rome to Demand, “The Wall Must Fall!”
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30,000 Take to the Streets in Rome to Demand, “The Wall Must Fall!”

In a tremendous show of solidarity with Palestinian mobilization and resistance to Israel’s Apartheid Wall, 30,000 people invaded the streets of Rome on November 8 to demonstrate against the Wall and Israeli Apartheid policies. Movements, political parties, trade unions, grassroots and solidarity groups throughout Italy formed a united front and took to the streets in a powerful denunciation of the Occupation of Palestine and the construction of the Apartheid Wall.

***image2*** For 4 hours, protestors in Rome marched and rallied, shouting slogans such as, “The Wall Must Fall”, “Stop the Occupation in Palestine and Iraq”, “Freedom to All the Palestinian Political Prisoners” and “Stop the Israeli Apartheid System” as a call to its politicians and its people to stand up against the Wall, Israeli Apartheid and the injustice of Occupation. In addition, a speaker from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign brought the front-line of Palestinian organizing to the streets of Rome in an amplified telephone speech to rally up and bridge the resistance movements in Palestine and Italy.

Momentum continued after the demonstrations with additional events including a concert in support of Palestine and against the Apartheid Wall.

Planning is already underway for additional events in support of Palestine, please visit Palestine Forum for up-to-date information or email stopthewall@tiscali.it to get involved.