French Activists Demonstrate Against the Wall of Shame and Annexation
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French Activists Demonstrate Against the Wall of Shame and Annexation

***image3***Saturday, November 8th, Solidarité Palestine, les Femmes en Noir (Women in Black) Americans Against the War and other French solidarity groups demonstrated in Paris and Caens to bring down the Israel’s illegal Apartheid Wall. Demonstrators rallied at the Fontaine des Innocents for 2 hours and passed out strong statements condemning Israeli and American policies of racism and oppression toward the people of Palestine through Occupation and the construction of the Wall. Calling on politicians, individuals and communities throughout the world, Paris activists proclaimed in solidarity with Palestinian grassroots mobilization that justice and human rights must be prized over force and domination and that State terrorism will not be tolerated.

In a powerful display, protestors carried placards and banners with slogans such as, “Demolish the Wall, Not the Homes”, “Occupation is a Crime in Palestine or Iraq” and “The Wall Must Fall”.

This protest was one in a series of events launched throughout November as part of France’s solidarity campaign, “Stop the Wall”, leading up to the European Social Forum taking place from the 12th to the 15th The French Campaign, which is being coordinated by a minimum of 40 organizations throughout the country is using awareness-raising strategies and disseminating commanding information and maps about the truly devastating implications of the Wall in Palestine to demand the European Union to suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement and pressure the Israeli government to immediately stop construction and dismantle the Apartheid Wall.

Femmes en Noirs will continue their demonstrations every Saturday.