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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Bristol Demonstrators Tells Shoppers – Don’t Support Israel’s Apartheid Wall and Unjust Occupation

To mark their solidarity with Palestinian mobilization on November 9, members of the International Solidarity Movement in Bristol built a representation of the Apartheid Wall in Palestine out of cardboard boxes outside of the Marks and Spencer store at the Mall Bristol. The giant representation was designed to demand public recognition of the illegal and unjust Israeli Wall and highlight the devastation it is bringing to Palestinian communities. In addition, the activists called on shoppers at their local mall to recognize their compliance with injustice if they continue to shop in stores known for financing the Israeli Occupation. The target of their protest was chosen specifically for having received a Jubilee award from the Israeli government for its financial contributions and purchase of goods made in the Occupied Territories.

The cardboard Wall was built outside the main entrance of Marks and Spencer and through street theater performance, ISM “guards” patrolled the Wall with pump action water pistols to represent the overwhelming militarization of the Israeli state. Demonstrators also raised a large banner condemning the Apartheid Wall and Israeli Occupation policies. Informational leaflets were distributed to shoppers to support and explain the action and give passers-by information in hand to read about the Wall.



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