Over 400 in Norway Demonstrate to “Tear Down the Wall”
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Over 400 in Norway Demonstrate to “Tear Down the Wall”

During the weekend of November 8th and 9th, The Norwegian People’s Aid & Association of Norwegian NGOs for Palestine mobilized in several cities throughout the country to mark and support Palestinian resistance to Israel’s Apartheid Wall. The Norwegian “Tear Down the Wall” campaign has championed the support of the church, the trade unions, numerous politicians and humanitarian organizations in its efforts to organize against the racist Wall and the injustice of Occupation.

***image2***In Oslo, demonstrators built a three-meter tall replica of the Wall to symbolize Palestinian imprisonment at the hands of the Israeli Occupation Forces. Compelling and strong speakers, including prominent politicians and representatives from the church and trade unions, delivered strong appeals against Israel’s Apartheid Wall in Occupied Palestine, calling it a “Wall of Shame” and demanding it be brought to an end. After the appeals, the masses tore a giant hole in the Wall to clear the way for all protestors to pass through the Wall in a powerful and symbolic procession.

Organizing in Norway has been building since the end of September when the solidarity groups coordinated a weeklong of events marking the third year of the Intifada in Oslo, Trondheim and Kristiansand.

For more information about upcoming events and mobilization, please visit www.palestina.no

For more information about past events, please visit Worldwide Activism – Norway