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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Protestors in Wroclaw, Poland Block Main Promenade for One Hour in Protest Against the Apartheid Wall

***image3***In a strong show of solidarity with Palestinians and demonstrators worldwide on November 9, demonstrators in Wroclaw, Poland blocked the city’s main promenade for an hour to highlight the atrocity which is Israel’s Apartheid Wall. About 50 people from a variety of Polish solidarity organizations, including Anti-War Coalition Wroclaw, Amnesty International, Polish Greens Party,, ISM, anti-nazi groups and other social justice groups created a human chain to block the promenade, holding signs and banners condemning the Israeli Apartheid Wall.

The demonstration drew crowds of local residents as well as tourists from Austria and other places, some of whom joined in protest to support the mobilization against the Wall. Organizers also distributed over a thousand leaflets to passers-by that included maps and important information about the tremendous impact of the Wall in Palestine. Response to the demonstration was very strong as many people shared support and solidarity with the protesters while others were interested to learn about the reality of the situation facing Palestinians as a result of Israeli oppression.



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