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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Vancouver Demonstrators Proclaim “Any Wall Created to Divide People is Doomed” – the Apartheid Wall Will Fall

***image2***On Sunday, November 9, 2003, a coalition of activists in support of Palestinian mobilization constructed a mock Wall along Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C. as part of the international day of action against the Israeli Apartheid Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Demonstrators covered the mock Wall with images, facts and powerful slogans to display the reality of the situation on the ground in Palestine, with giant maps showing the West Bank being divided by the Wall into three ghettos. Dismal images of Palestinian villages and towns that have already been destroyed by Israeli bulldozers covered the mock Wall attesting to the devastation, vast land confiscation and settlement annexation that Palestinians have already had to endure. Protestors used this forum to visually communicate the many ways in which the Apartheid Wall is attacking justice in Palestine.

The mock Wall offered the busy afternoon streets of Vancouver an important glimpse into the impact of the Apartheid Wall and a strong show of Palestinian solidarity. Many passers-by stopped to view the display, ask questions, and voice their support. Lively discussions in support of Palestine and ending the Occupation filled the streets of Vancouver as activists distributed several thousand information leaflets. Vancouver-area campaigners stood with large banners proclaiming "End the Israeli Occupation Now", “Don’t Turn Our Communities into Ghettos”, “This Wall Must Fall” and other messages denouncing the Apartheid Wall.




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