Campaigns of Solidarity Against the Apartheid Wall Launch Across Europe
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Campaigns of Solidarity Against the Apartheid Wall Launch Across Europe

Momentum since November 9th, International Day Against the Wall, continues to build with solidarity groups worldwide as the day was declared by the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign to be “The Beginning of the Fall of the Wall”. Across Europe, coalitions and organizations are using November 29th, International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, to launch campaigns in support of Palestinian resistance to the Apartheid Wall and colonization of their lives.

A Campaign of solidarity Launching in Germany
The Action Committtee “Weg mit der Apartheidmauer” is launching a campaign of Solidarity with the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign beginning on November 29th. One this day to commence the Campaign there will be an Action in the streets of Bonn at 12 am at Dreieck, a stand at the Duisburg Social Forum and a Nuremberg Demonstration in Nuremberg at 14pm starting at the Josephsplatz.

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Actions Building in Belgium
In Flanders and Brussels coalitions joined together for a solidarity Campaign against the Wall which began on November 9th and will culminate on the 29th by the Acti Platform Palestina (APP, a network of NGOs and justice groups). The APP coalition has been disseminating a booklet on the Wall, activist posters, and circulating a petition for awareness raising of the Wall’s reality in Palestine and on November 29 all of the Flemish groups will use a Wall replica to close off city streets in protest to the Wall.

Visit the AAP website or send an email to for more information.