The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign “Nashra”: English Issue Number 1
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The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign “Nashra”: English Issue Number 1

You can now download the first English translation of The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign “Nashra”, meaning newsletter in Arabic. We have chosen to keep this title, as this publication is a direct translation from the Arabic and we want to remain as true to its essence as possible. The Nashra is a powerful tool being used to share information and mobilize here in Palestine. We hope that by making this resource available, we offer another way to consistently highlight the destructive reality of the Wall as well as the ever-increasing resistance to it.

In this first issue of the Nashra you will find a comprehensive summary of the events of the National and International Day of Action Against the Apartheid Wall, November 9th , in Palesitine and around the world. Also included are powerful images and strong words of conviction from the Campaign and the Palestinian mobilization.

Download the Nashra as a PDF [781K]