A Day in the North
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A Day in the North

Zeita, Tulkarem District

***image5***For the last four days, the Occupation Forces are not allowing Ibrahim Al ‘Aqad to return to his home, which is isolated behind the Wall, in Zeita. Since work on the Apartheid Wall in Zeita was “completed”, Ibrahim’s family has been split between the village and their house and land; he and his eldest daughter continue to live in their isolated home in order to keep the land while his wife and four younger children are living in the village so they can continue to study in their school. Ibrahim has been forced to take a permit in order to pass through the gate between his house and the rest of Zeita. The gate which he used is to the north by the village Baqa ash Sharqiyya, 12 km away, although Zeita is only few meters away from his house. Furthermore, he is not permitted to pass with a car so uses a horse to reach Baqa ash Sharqiyya. Since Ibrahim is now being denied passage through the Wall, under the pretext that his permit is expired, and his eldest daughter remains alone in their isolated house.


Al Nabi Ilyas , Qalqiliya District

***image4***Since January 3rd 2004 , the Occupation Forces have been barring Fahd Khalifa from Al Nabi Ilyas from reaching his land which is isolated behind the Wall. As for all Palestinians, Fahd is not allowed to access his lands in this area because they are not allowed to approach the Israeli settlement of Alfe Menashe. The settlement was built on the lands of Al Nabi Ilyas and now Israel is planning to build an underground tunnel between Qalqiliya and Habla—yet another racist measure by Israel which aims at expanding the settlement and ensuring there will be no existence or Palestinians. Fahd’s land is a vegetable farm and if he is not allowed to collect the crops that are due now all the crops and land will be lost.

Jayyus, Qalqiliya District

Today in the village Jayyus, all of the shepherds were prohibited from passing through the Wall’s gate to their isolated land with their herds of goats. Although all the shepherds have permits to pass through the gate the Occupation soldiers are demanding for permits for the goats too!