The Apartheid Wall Now Tearing through Hebron
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The Apartheid Wall Now Tearing through Hebron

This week the Israeli Occupation High Court ruled to “stop work” on the building of the Apartheid Wall through Hebron until the path around Israeli settlements could be “further discussed”; however, the deceptive ruling is not changing the situation on the ground. Destruction for the Wall in Hebron started some three weeks ago around the Israeli settlement Kiryat Arba and Harsina. Some 1,500 dunums* were slated for destruction for the Wall’s path and already the Occupation Forces have razed nearly two-thirds of this. The so-called court ruling accepts that is it permitted to erect the Wall on the land already bulldozed, thus the order has not stopped anything and construction continues.

***image3***The lands being destroyed belong to four families in Hebron and are fertile with vineyards, almond, fig and olive trees; many of the olive trees uprooted were more than forty years old. Residents and land owners see the court ruling as far from a success and are certain the work on the Apartheid Wall will commence again shortly, in the meantime the building of the Wall continues on land already lost.

The Wall so far in Hebron is over 6 km long, wrapping by the vicious settlements in the heart of the city. Though no ‘official’ map of the Wall in Hebron has been released, tt is expected that the Wall will tear through the middle of city in order to annex the settlements and land, in the meantime also stealing Hebron’s Old City and the Ibrahimi Mosque. Already, the Occupation Forces have brought upon massive closure and devastation to Hebron city, causing the forced expulsion of some 15% of the city’s residents. The building of the Apartheid Wall through Hebron marks yet another stage in the Zionist expulsion plan which continues unhindered.

*1 dunum = ¼ acre = 1,000 sq. meters