Home Demolitions for the Apartheid Wall
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Home Demolitions for the Apartheid Wall

This morning the Occupation Forces issued demolition orders for ten homes in Anata, a village northeast of Jerusalem where the Apartheid Wall is planned to slice through. The Occupation Forces “offered” the residents of the homes 72 hours to appeal the demolition orders in the Israeli Occupation Courts. Maps distributed earlier this month to residents of Anata from the Occupation Forces reveal that the Apartheid Wall will tear through the southwestern part of the village and run either directly on the path of these homes or exceptionally close to them. Moreover, the Occupation Forces ordered some of the owners of the homes to present themselves at the detention center/prison for interrogation.

The demolition of homes has also devastated the village of Far’un, which is imprisoned with Tulkarem city and several other communities into a ghetto by the Apartheid Wall. Last Thursday the Occupation Forces arrived with bulldozers and destroyed two houses. The bulldozers arrived without notice in the morning though demolition orders for the homes were given over one year ago; there are an additional five houses slated for demolition. All of the homes have been built within the last few years by families and are less than 15 meters of the Apartheid Wall.