Residents throughout Salfit Mobilize a Week of Activities against the Apartheid Wall
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Residents throughout Salfit Mobilize a Week of Activities against the Apartheid Wall

Yesterday was the closing day of the Week of Activities against the Apartheid Wall in the Salfit district. The week was supported by the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign in coordination with the students from Al Quds University in Salfit in order to increase address the Wall’s devastation to life and stranglehold over Palestine and strategize about ways to collectively resist the Wall. The razing of land of building of the Wall has been accelerating in the Salfit district which will be sliced into several disconnected areas by the Wall and lose most of its land.

***image3***The week began on Saturday the 24th of this month with lectures, discussions and a photo exhibit on the Wall opening. Speakers for the event included a representative from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, who gave a presentation on the Wall’s political, social, and economic impact on life, while other speakers focused on the role of Palestinian political parties in resisting the Wall and having stronger coordination against it.

During the week, the photo exhibit was organized by the Campaign and its coordinators with images of destruction, the Wall’s structure, imprisoned residents, and information about the Wall’s impacts in each district. On the first day, many people attended the exhibit before and after the presentations while on the next day, the exhibit was attended by a large number of students from Al Quds University. Organizers arranged for the third day to be reserved for classrooms from the villages and towns throughout Salfit to attend. The exhibit continued until Wednesday along with community meetings and events until the week of activities ended.

On the last day of events, yesterday, there as phenomenal attendance from residents, farmers, students, women, and political party members from the entire district. A closing event was given where Campaign speakers talked about organizing committees and other activists spoke of strengthening resistance against the Apartheid Wall.