In Palestine and Worldwide: Popular Hearings and Demonstrations against the Wall as ICJ in The Hague Hears Oral Arguments
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In Palestine and Worldwide: Popular Hearings and Demonstrations against the Wall as ICJ in The Hague Hears Oral Arguments

As a national and international call by the Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, February 21-23 will mark worldwide solidarity with the Palestinian call for justice in the case of the Apartheid Wall being built inside the West Bank. In an attempt to raise greater awareness worldwide, and to highlight the importance of the case, popular hearings that will detail the illegality of the Wall will be held in various cities worldwide. At the same time, solidarity groups are planning demonstrations to ensure greater exposure for the issue and make clear to their governments popular opposition to the Wall.

These activities take place as the Wall continues to cause irreversible damage and destroy the lives and heritage of tens of thousands of Palestinians. The call to Stop the Wall is urgent.

The central “Popular Hearing” to be organized by the Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign together with Dutch solidarity groups, will take place in The Hague on February 21, two days before the ICJ will hear Oral Arguments. At the Hearing, individuals from affected communities in Palestine will testify on the Wall’s destruction to their livelihoods and legal experts will speak to the Wall’s numerous and blatant violations to international law. International solidarity groups from all over Europe will send delegations to the Hearing. The Popular Hearing seeks to raise greater awareness and provide a voice for affected communities by highlighting the devastation they have and continue to face.

Similar such events will take place in cities across Europe and the US, and is expected to take place in other cities worldwide.

As various governments have submitted to the Court their opposition to the Court’s jurisdiction on the matter, and therefore supporting Israel’s claim, there is increased interest to mobilize public opinions against their governments’ lack of responsibility on the matter, and on Palestine in general. Further, popular initiatives in Europe are pushing the governments to support the case through petitions to Parliaments and governments.

The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign looks to emphasize the undisputable illegality of the Wall through these events and aims at mobilizing greater worldwide opposition to Israel’s escalated assault on the Palestinian people through the building of the Apartheid Wall.