The Wall Rapidly Spreads in the Ramallah District, Destruction Begins in Beit Ur Fouqa
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The Wall Rapidly Spreads in the Ramallah District, Destruction Begins in Beit Ur Fouqa

On Sunday, February 8, the Occupation bulldozers began clearing the way for the Wall’s path in the village of Beit Ur Fouqa, located in the western Ramallah District. Confrontations between the people of the village and the Occupation Forces started when the Occupation Forces placed their construction gear and machinery on the village’s road in order to begin the Wall’s foundation.

On Thursday, three days prior, the Occupation Forces arrived in the village, accompanied by bulldozers, and razed an area of land which was then turned into a parking station where bulldozers and other machinery to be used for building the Wall would be based.

Beit Ur Fouqa, with a population of 750, will be cut-off from the main village road which connects it to other Ramallah-area villages, isolating the community from both the Ramallah and Jerusalem districts. The Wall is being built in the residential area of the village, at some points close to the homes that at least eight houses will be closed off from the road that leads to the village school. The canton which will surround the village, defined by the Wall, will leave the residents without access to services, jobs, markets and education.

The village, along with the adjacent villages of Beituniya and Tira, received a confiscation order on January 8 for 41 dunums of their lands. Though attempts were made to petition the Israeli courts to prevent the Occupation Forces from building the Wall, the court responded by stating that the land was confiscated for military purposes and that they cannot interfere.