Increased Momentum against the Apartheid Wall in Jordan
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Increased Momentum against the Apartheid Wall in Jordan

Throughout the week, hundreds of people have visited the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign photo exhibit in Amman to learn about the horrifying reality of the Apartheid Wall tearing through Palestine. Visitors coming to the exhibit, which is being hosted at the Darat al-Funun-Khalid Shoman Foundation, are forced to weave through a mock wall (built at half the Apartheid Wall’s actual size), and pass through slits where enlarged images of people living in the Wall’s shadow are fused into collages. Two sniper-towers, from floor to ceiling, loom overhead until visitors reach an open room where some 100 photos are displayed. The photos, which show the horrors of life from the Wall in Rafah and devastation along the Wall trough the West Bank, are joined by the presentation of facts about the Wall while a scaled-down model of the Wall strangling Qalqiliya city

***image4***Earlier this week in the exhibit hall, Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign representative in Jordan, Mrs. Mary Nazzal, gave a presentation on the Wall emphasize the continued ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by the Wall. Attended by 250 people, the presentation was followed by a question and answer period where people discussed ways to further support the Palestinian Campaign and take action against the latest Zionist tool of expulsion. The exhibit and event together have sparked not only increased awareness about the Apartheid Wall but increased momentum for working in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance.

The exhibit has been widely visited by over 800 people and will continue until February 19th. For more information, contact Mary Nazzal:

Note: The exhibit has been extended. Please visit the “Stop The Wall” exhibition in Darat AL-Funun, open until Monday, February 23 (10am – 7pm)