Vigil in Jordan Against the Apartheid Wall
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Vigil in Jordan Against the Apartheid Wall

Gathered in the center of Amman, the voices of hundreds rang out the lyrics of Palestinian national singers, Fairuz and Marcel Khalife, during a vigil in solidarity with events and demonstrations in Palestine against the Apartheid Wall. Banners reading “Tear Down the Illegal Apartheid Wall”, “Stop the Genocide” or “Stop the Occupation” stretched around the crowd of some 450 people; people from all over Jordan gathered for the event, including individuals from unions, political parties, organizations, the universities and refugee camps.

The vigil, organized by representatives from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign in coordination with the Jordanian Workers Communist Party, was in an effort to amplify the call from Palestine to tear down the Apartheid Wall the weekend before. Throughout the two hours of the gathering, which was centered in one of Amman’s busiest locations, hundreds of Campaign materials were disseminated while chants and songs continued—however not everyone joined in the singing; many separated to discuss strategies for further mobilizing while others remained silent. The devastating reality experienced in Palestine was undoubtedly with everyone.

The Jordanian government is part of the Arab Summit to present the case specifying the Wall’s illegality to the ICJ, and activists intend to keep excreting pressuring to ensure the stance is against the Wall and the Occupation entirely and the intensifying violation of Palestinian rights. Supporters for the Campaign in Amman are the first in the Arab World to take action in line with the Palestinian grassroots movement, it is now anticipated that momentum is increasing in areas throughout Jordan and, before too long, this will build into popular mobilization in other counties in the region.

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