Solidarity in Al Baqa Refugee Camp in Jordan
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Solidarity in Al Baqa Refugee Camp in Jordan

This weekend, communities, political groups, and solidarity networks in Jordan are mobilizing events under the slogan “Resist the Zionist Apartheid Wall” in Al Baqa refugee camp. Located in the camp club, activities have been arranged by the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign with the Jordan Dental Association and include a photo exhibit of the Wall’s devastating realities in Palestine. Networks from Al Baqa have arranged the exhibit as well as a scale model of the Apartheid Wall and the presentation of artwork from students in the camps’ schools regarding their homeland Palestine.

To open the exhibit on Sunday February 29th, there will be a speaking event in the club at 6:30 PM. The event will be presented by the Boycotting Associations and includes a talk from a local writer, a member of the Professional Associations addressing the Wall within the context of the right of return, and a member of the Campaign who will outline the political and social effects of the Wall and resistance in Palestine.

These events have grown from mounting support for Palestinian resistance to the Apartheid Wall in Jordan and are the first to be taking place outside the capital Amman. For more information on events call +962 79 569 9480.