Demolition and Land Confiscation Orders Issued to farmers in both Kafur Laqif and Jayyus
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Demolition and Land Confiscation Orders Issued to farmers in both Kafur Laqif and Jayyus

***image1***Occupation forces yesterday issued confiscation orders for 120 dunums in the village of Kufur Laqif east of Qalqiliya. Israeli Officials summoned the owners of the lands to meet today in the confiscated lands to review the orders. Israel intends to use the land to open a new settler road linking the illegal Israeli settlement of Karne Shamron to other settlement blocs inside the green line.

The lands to be lost are planted with olive trees, as well as almonds and belong to the Awad and Qadura families. If completed, the new road will isolate Kufur Laqif from other nearby villages, as well as from the rest of the village’s agricultural lands, as it will block Kufur Laqif’s main entrance from the south.

In February demolition orders were issued for more than six agricultural facilities belonging to Ahmad Tayem from the neighboring village of Al-Funduq, for the same roadway.

It is believed that these confiscation and demolition orders, as well as the Settlement road are all part of the projected path of the Wall in this area, and plans to annex Karne Shamron, and Qadmim settlements.

During the same time period, Occupation forces issued six farmers in the village of Jayyus demolition orders for six animal farms. The Wall passes within a few hundred meters of the threatened structures, which cover between 20 – 450 square meters each. The farms house tens of head of livestock, and represent a major source of income for the families.

These new demolition orders come well after the “completion” of the Wall in this area, which has already confiscated and annexed more than 9000 dunums of village agricultural land, and is further humiliation and hardship for a community hard hit by the Wall. Besides these new demolitions farmers in Jayyus have faced almost constant abuse by the Israeli military since the Wall’s construction including: closed gates, arrest and expulsion of farmers attempting to live on their lands, to full scale military incursions into the village and lands using tear gas, concussion grenades, leading to arrests and beatings.