Demonstrations in Qattana Against The Apartheid Wall
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Demonstrations in Qattana Against The Apartheid Wall

***image2***Hundreds of people from the village of Qattana demonstrated today against the Apartheid Wall currently being constructed on their lands. Palestinians from the neighboring villages of Biddu and Beit Surik joined the villagers of Qattana. The demonstration began shortly after Friday prayers, with the villagers walking together towards lands already cleared for the Wall’s path. On the march villagers raised the Palestinian flag, and called for a stop to the Wall. Work on the Wall in this area was temporarily stopped five days ago after a decision from the Israeli High Court shortly after four Palestinian martyrs were killed in demonstrations against the Wall in Biddu. Three martyrs were killed on Thursday, February 26th after being shot by Occupation forces while another man shot during the same demonstation –Muhammad Badwan 22 years old- died the following Wednesday after being in a coma for almost a week.

In Qattana the Wall will confiscate 300 dunums of the village agricultural lands for its path and will isolate hundreds more behind it. As well the Wall will isolate several families will be isolated from the rest of the village.

Also today villager in Deir Qaddis, continued their demonstrations against the Apartheid Wall. Demonstrations began after Friday prayers with villagers meeting in the lands threatened with destruction. Yesterday villagers managed to prevent the bulldozers from clearing their lands, and as of yet work on the Wall’s path has not continued.