mega888 Further Destruction Today in the Tulkarem Area
Further Destruction Today in the Tulkarem Area
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Further Destruction Today in the Tulkarem Area

Occupation forces today started bulldozing tens of dunums of Irtah’s land. Confiscation orders provided to the villagers specified that the lands were to be used for military purposes, but without exact details. Villagers believe the land will be used for a new road that Occupation forces are planning to open from Irtah and Faro’n east to Tulkarem. It is felt that the new road will replace a current road linking Far’on with Attaybe village inside the green line, which will be too close to the so called Trans-Israel Highway. In addition this road will link to and industrial zone Occupation forces are now working on building east the Wall. This complex is being built entirely on lands confiscated from Faro’n and Irtah, some 400 dunums.

Occupation forces prevented villagers from accessing their lands during today’s destruction. The land was planted with mint and vegetables, and villagers were forced to watch as their plantations were destroyed, telling one young Palestinian who was trying desperately to break through, that if he wanted to reach the lands so badly he could swim through a sewage pool located adjacent to the lands.