Land Confiscation in Kufur Thulth, Abuse at Gates in Jayyus and Qalqilyia Area
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Land Confiscation in Kufur Thulth, Abuse at Gates in Jayyus and Qalqilyia Area

Kufur Thulth: Land Confiscated for a Settlement Road
Occupation bulldozers started last week razing lands and uprooting trees in Kufur Thulth village. This new destruction is taking place on the eastern side of the Wall, and is reportedly to open a new settler road that will link an outpost built to the east of the village to the settlement of Ma’leh Shamron. The 150 dunums to be used for the road were confiscated more than a year ago for the same road, but the villgers were able to stop construction at that time.

On Monday March 15th Occupation forces invaded the lands of Abd Arrahim Baida where he and other workers were farming, confiscating their lands, and holding them for four hours on the northern gate of the Wall. The soldiers threatened Baida and the other workers with arrest, telling them not to work their lands again, claiming the fields are “too close” to the Wall although they on the eastern side of the Wall.

On Tuesday March 16th Occupation forces prevented farmers in Jayyus from reaching their lands isolated behind the Wall. The only access gate to the lands was closed the entire day, under the pretext that children had been throwing stones at the wall and cutting the barbed wire.

Occupation forces have been entering the village nightly and using tear gas and sound bombs, terrorizing the people of the village, with many beginning to suffer adverse effects from prolonged exposure to the gas. One villager was struck in the head by a gas canister and had to be taken to hospital.

Occupation forces are still trying to force Abu Shareb’s family out of their family home by refusing to open the gate, effectively locking him and his family into a prison. Moreover, the IDF have delivered evacuation orders to some 7 Bedouin families who are currently living in the isolated lands behind the Wall.

Tha’er Addunuq -26 years old- received injuries to his leg and hand last week when Occupation soldiers began firing on the people who had gathered at the gate between Habla and Qalqiliya, waiting for it to open.