mega888 5000 Demonstrate on March 20th in Dublin Ireland
5000 Demonstrate on March 20th in Dublin Ireland
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5000 Demonstrate on March 20th in Dublin Ireland

In Dublin violent storms of rain and hail and gale-force winds couldn’t prevent 5000 people from marching against War and Occupation. At 12:30 the Peace and Neutrality Alliance started the activities off with a ceremony outside the US Embassy in which a number of prominent personalities read the names of fatalities from recent wars in the Middle East. Adnan Shebab from the General Delegation of Palestine read the names of Palestinians killed in the first two months of this year. A wreath was laid at the gate of the embassy.

The main demonstration began outside the Garden of Remembrance at 15:00. Speakers from the Anti-war movement and the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign asserted that they were also marching for a different Europe, one that took responsibility for the disasters consequent on its colonial past and ceased to be complicit in modern colonial wars referring to Britain’s opposition to the case against Israel’s Apartheid Wall at the ICJ in The Hague as one among several examples of nations failing to live up to their responsibilities. The Wall was mentioned by almost every speaker both at the beginning and the end of the demonstration, and IPSC members distributed hundreds of information leaflets about the Wall.