Campaign Statement on Land Day
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Campaign Statement on Land Day

The Palestinian Grassroots
Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

Statement on Land Day

“The Apartheid Wall is the Second Nakbe”

March 30, 2004

Today commemorates 28 years after the first Land Day—Yawm Al Ard–where 6 Palestinians were gunned down and killed by Israeli forces as they were defending their lands and protesting against Zionist expansionism and land confiscation. This day represents the unity among the entire Palestinian people to defend against the Zionist colonial project that began prior to 1948, the year where 78% of Palestine was occupied, and the majority of its inhabitants expelled. Today, amidst the Apartheid Wall, some one half of what remains is being forcibly taken.

For us, the Palestinian People, it is clear that we have in the past two years begun to re-live our 1948 Nakbe, with massive land confiscation and the aggressive implementation of the next stage of our dispossession and expulsion.

The first Apartheid Wall martyrs were killed in the end of last month while defending their lands from confiscation and struggling against the Apartheid Wall that continues to be built around their homes and on their fields. Even after death, the Occupation bulldozers continue to ravage on their lands, and tear up the soil that is still soaked with their blood.

We will not remain silent.

We will not be killed one by one, ten, fifteen, twenty at a time, and made to vanish from this earth, the Zionist dream.

We the Palestinian People continue in our right to defend our lands and our heritage and our right to liberation. Apartheid, which is what we live under, is the atrocious conglomeration of colonialism, racism, denial of self-determination, bantustanization and ghettoization, and expulsion. The crimes continue unhindered.

If the Apartheid Wall project is not stopped and destroyed, we will find ourselves in less than one year’s time, for those that are not already, living in isolated ghettos; open-air prisons where few will be able to survive. It goes without saying that there be no negotiations as long as the Apartheid Wall exists.

As in Palestine, we call on you worldwide to declare:

Tear Down the Apartheid Wall!

Free Palestine!