Land Day demonstrations in the West Bank.
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Land Day demonstrations in the West Bank.

***image1***On the 28th anniversary of Land Day in Palestine, hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated today in Beit Duqqu village North West Jerusalem. Demonstrators marched to their lands, currently threatened by the Apartheid Wall, along with villagers from surrounding villages whose lands are also threatened with destruction and confiscation by the Wall.

Another demonstration took place in the village of Beit Liqya south of Ramallah, where demonstrators again marched to their threatened lands, already bulldozed for construction of the Wall. Villagers planted symbolic Olive trees in the lands cleared for the Wall, chanting anti-Wall slogans.

In Rummana, near Jenin 1000 people demonstrated, marching from their village towards the village of Attaybeh. Demonstrators chanted slogans against closure and Apartheid, and some confrontation with the Occupation army took place, after they invaded the village.

Land Day is a symbol of Palestinian resistance in defense of their lands and against Israeli oppression and confiscation. The day is particularly prescient now when so many villages in the West Bank are losing most of their village lands to the construction of the Apartheid Wall.