Stop The Wall In Palestine Translated Into Italian
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Stop The Wall In Palestine Translated Into Italian

As of the 1st of April, the report compiled by PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign last June has been published in Italian under the title “Stop the Wall – the Apartheid Wall in Palestine”. It has been translated into Italian and is now in an updated and slightly abbreviated version available in all newspaper shops in Italy.

The book is available as an insert in three national newspapers (Il Manifesto, Liberazione, Carta) for 5,50€ until the 14th of April. The 108 colour print pages contain a collection of the most important facts and data on the Apartheid Wall being built by the Israeli Occupation Forces in Palestine, the grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, analysis, community voices and photos. The Campaign poster map (A3 format) is inserted in the book.

Stefano Chiarini (“Il Manifesto”) and Giancarlo Lanutti (“Liberazione”) have contributed an introduction to the Italian edition showing how the Zionist dream to create “Eretz Israel” by the destruction of the Palestinian people has been pursued consistently. The authors highlight how the project of “Eretz Israel” from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates is about to be realized in these very months through the “irrevocable annexation of the Occupied Palestinian Territories to Israel and the destruction of the most important state in the region [Iraq]. The Occupied Territories in the Middle East reach now from Palestine to Iraq.”

The introduction ends with an appeal to the Italian political left wing and democrats – that have been until recently in the forefront of international solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for justice and freedom – reminding them that talking about peace is not enough in front of the dramatic situation in Palestine and asking them to get out of their position as by-standers and to take concrete actions against the construction of the Apartheid Wall, Israeli colonial Apartheid politics and the occupations in the Middle East.

Hopefully the Italian edition of the PENGON report will help to create further awareness and popular pressure and to wake up those who are still hesitating to take action.