Work Restarts in Biddu, Villagers Injured in Protests
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Work Restarts in Biddu, Villagers Injured in Protests

***image1***Yesterday people from the village of Biddu, as well as several neighboring villages north west of Jerusalem confronted Occupation Bulldozers destroying their lands for the Wall’s path. Villagers gathered early in the morning, as work on the Wall started, and headed towards the lands being destroyed. Occupation soldiers immediately began firing tear gas and rubber bullets at the demonstrators, who were quickly surrounded, with soldiers taking up positions on the rooftops of several village homes.

Shortly thereafter young Palestinians began throwing stones at the Occupation soldiers from nearby streets and alleys. Occupation soldiers responded with both live and rubber coated bullets, in addition to tear gas and concussion grenades. More than four Palestinians were shot with live rounds, including Mohammad Omar Badwan, 15 years old, who was shot in the leg, and rushed to Ramallah hospital in serious condition. In total some 40 people were injured.

Occupation bulldozers destroyed a 200 meter swath of land, restarting work that was stopped by the Israeli courts a month ago. This renewed work comes after Occupation forces responded to the courts decision saying that they will not change the route of the Wall’s path in this area. This was to be expected, with Occupation forces looking to annex much of Biddu’s land for expansion of several nearby settlements.

Despite this, the people in the village are still determined to continue fighting against the Apartheid Wall, and further demonstrations were planned for today.