mega888 Occupation Forces Invade Marda Looking for Toy Guns
Occupation Forces Invade Marda Looking for Toy Guns
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Occupation Forces Invade Marda Looking for Toy Guns

The Occupation forces today invaded Marda’s boys school. A group of students were in the middle of performing a play, with the rest of the student body and their parents in the audience. At approximately 12:00pm five military jeeps arrived, and surrounded the school preventing the people from leaving. Occupation soldiers demanded that the students produce a toy gun the children where using in their performance. Young children, students and their parents were held until the toy was handed over to the Occupation forces.

Two children from the scouts group in the school were arrested, both 15 years old. All scouting equipment and musical instruments were also confiscated along with the four toy guns used in the play.

Last week when the children were rehearsing for the play, Occupation forces invaded the village, using four children as human shields after receiving a warning from the watch tower in Ariel settlement that children were playing with weapons. Again, after infiltrating the building where the children were playing, Occupation soldiers confiscated the toy guns the children were playing with.