Resistance to the Wall Continues in Biddu Village
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Resistance to the Wall Continues in Biddu Village

***image1***Villagers from northwest of Jerusalem participated today in a massive demonstration against the Apartheid Wall being built in the lands of Biddu village. The demonstration started early, with the demonstrators heading towards their lands being destroyed underneath Occupation bulldozers. Dozens of Occupation soldiers were ready to meet the demonstrators, and began firing tear gas as soon as the villagers approached the bulldozers. Many Palestinians responded by throwing stones at the Occupation soldiers, who in turn intensified their assault with both tear gas, and concussion grenades, and many demonstrators were overcome by the excessive amounts of gas. There were also numerous arrests, including a 12 year old child, and two Palestinians were beaten by the Occupation soldiers. One of those beaten was taken to the hospital after being hit around the head with batons. The other Palestinian was caught while marching with ISM activists, and while the international media was preoccupied photographing and interviewing 2 International ISM members the army had also arrested, the soldiers arresting the Palestinian were free to use excessive force, twisting his arm behind his back nearly to the point of breaking, and forcing him roughly into an Occupation jeep, striking his head against the rear doors.

Moreover, destruction of land for the Wall’s path started today in the village of Beit Ijza. Occupation bulldozers moved into the area early, and began moving earth, and uprooting trees protected by a large number of Occupation soldiers who blocked all entrances to the village, preventing the people from neighboring villages to help support the people of Beit Ijza.

In Beit Surik today, Occupation forces delivered new military confiscation orders, which included a map showing the Wall’s path through the village. This new order was given to the village even before the Occupation court gave its ruling on the case raised by the people of the village against the Wall. Work in the village has been stopped for more than a month, while the courts have been deliberating the case. Occupation forces are now expected to return and start marking the confiscated lands tomorrow at 10:00am, in anticipation of work starting shortly.