mega888 Occupation Forces Shoot Three in Biddu
Occupation Forces Shoot Three in Biddu
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Occupation Forces Shoot Three in Biddu

This morning the people of Biddu village held a demonstration against the Israeli assasination of Hamas leader Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi, and did not expect to see Occupation forces work on the Wall, given the tense situation throughout the West Bank, and Gaza. Yet Occupation forces entered the village shortly after noon, with bulldozers, jeeps, mounted officers, as well as positioning snipers on several rooftops.

As soon as the Occupation soldiers appeared, the demonstrators met them by throwing stones, attempting to drive them out of the village, and stop the work on the Wall. Occupation soldiers immediately began firing a combination of live, and rubber bullets, severly injuring three. Diya’ Abd el Kareem Eid, 24 years old, was shot in the chest and taken to Maqased Hospital in Jeruslaem, he remains in critical condition. Another man, Ibrahim Qandil, 20 years old, was shot in the leg and taken to Ramallah hospital. A child of 7 years was hit in the head with a rubber bullet and taken to Ramallah Hospital in serious condition.

Troops were also reported to be using silencers on their weapons making it difficult for the people of the village to know when they were being fired upon. As well, Occupation forces took advantage of the fact that most of the International media usually present in Biddu were off covering the Rantissi assasination, using live rounds, and targeting villagers more directly.