Stop the Assassinations of the Palestinian People!
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Stop the Assassinations of the Palestinian People!

The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign mourns the death of Diya’ Abd el Kareem Eid, martyred today in Biddu village. Diya’, 24 years old, was protesting against the construction of the Apartheid Wall on his villages’ land when he was targeted by Occupation forces using live rounds. Diya’ was shot in the chest, and taken by ambulance to hospital in critical condition, succumbing to his wounds shortly thereafter.

Yesterday morning the people of Biddu village held a demonstration against the Israeli assasination of Hamas leader Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi, and did not expect to see Occupation forces work on the Wall, given the tense situation throughout the West Bank, and Gaza. Yet Occupation forces entered the village shortly after noon, with bulldozers, jeeps, mounted officers, as well as positioning snipers on several rooftops.

As soon as the Occupation soldiers appeared, the demonstrators met them by throwing stones, attempting to drive them out of the village, and stop the work on the Wall. Occupation soldiers immediately began firing a combination of live, and rubber bullets: Diya’ Abd el Kareem Eid gave his life in this protest against the Israeli Occupation and the construction of the Apartheid Wall robbing him of his family’s lands and livelihood. Ibrahim Qandil, 20 years old, was also injured in the protests, shot in the leg, as well as a child of 7 years, who was hit in the head with a rubber bullet and taken to hospital in serious condition.

Until late last night the bulldozers continued to work clearing the village lands for the Wall’s path.

Only 2 days earlier, in Betuniya, another young Palestinian was killed by the Occupation forces, Hussein Mahmud Awad, who 17 years old. Hussein died after being shot in the head during a protest against the Apartheid Wall being constructed on the village’s lands.

The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign calls upon the people of the world to protest against the assassination policy of exponents of the Palestinian people – from its resistance leaders to the grassroots activists – if not of the Palestinian people as a whole.

In the vain hope to break Palestinian resistance to the Zionist colonialist plans aimed at controlling the whole of historic Palestine leaving only isolated and walled-in ghettos to the Palestinians that will not been driven out of their lands, the Israeli army continues to cross every red line and to kill whoever opposes their plans.

We call upon all the supporters of the Palestinian struggle against the Apartheid Wall and the Israeli Occupation to break the wall of silence and to bring the daily killings and the names of the martyrs to the conscience of the people in their countries.

Stop the Israeli Assassinations!
Tear Down the Apartheid Wall!
Free Palestine!

PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign