Anata Targeted with Demolitions
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Anata Targeted with Demolitions

***image5***Today Occupation forces destroyed 5 buildings in Anata, in the northern Jerusalem area. The buildings included a brick factory, which was located on the eastern side of Anata, close to the by-pass road and the military camp built on Anata’s lands. The factory was owned by Mohammad No’man and was the main source of income for three families, in addition to the families of the four workers employed by the factory. Occupation forces used their usual excuse of a lack of building permit to justify the demolition of the factory, which has been operating in the area for years. The Factory was approximately 800m2 and cost more than 200,000 NIS to construct. Two Bedouin families who live nearby, on the other side of the bypass road, were also given notifications to evacuate the area within three days.

Demolitions continued on the southern side of Anata, where a house owned by Mohammad Elian was demolished. The home was built four years ago, and since that time Occupation forces have prohibited the family from living in it. Mohammad, his wife and four children have been forced to share the home of Mohammad’s parents. Directly In front of Mohammad’s house is a house belonging to Farahat Hadad. Farahat was issued a three day warning, at which time Occupation forces said they would return to demolish his home as well.

Two animal barns where also destroyed, one in the southeastern side of Annata belonging to Mussa Hussien. The same barn was demolished 5 years ago and its owners rebuilt. The other barn, further to the south, belonged to Saleh Nimer and his two brothers, and was the sole source of income for their families.

A small mosque, built approximately 6 months ago was also demolished. At least six houses in the area near the mosque are also slated to be demolished, as the Apartheid Wall is expected to pass directly through this area.