Manchester Forum for Palestine Rallies Against the Wall
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Manchester Forum for Palestine Rallies Against the Wall

Stop the Killing…
Stop the Crimes…
End Israeli Apartheid!

The Wall Must Fall!

Protest 12.30pm, Piccadilly Gardens,
Central Manchester, Sat May 08.

Following the success of a similar event held on March 28th, Manchester Forum for Palestine has planned an action for May 8th in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester. The event will include speeches, poetry, a ‘die-in’ and other activities. The Manchester Forum for Palestine hopes to make this event a collective, democratic, participatory effort – and asks that participants bring banners, placards, poems, songs and white clothes (for the die-in).

The Manchester Forum for Palestine writes in their invitation:

“As you are reading this the Israeli government is committing an outrageous war crime in occupied Palestine – the construction of 730km concrete and iron wall. Israel claims this is a ‘security wall’, necessary for its self-defence against Palestinian attacks. This is a lie – as exposed by the United Nations General Assembly which recently voted to condemn Israel’s barbaric project.

The wall is in fact a naked and brutal land-grab. Its real aim is to complete the colonisation of Palestine and to strengthen Israel’s vice-like grip on the suffering people of the West Bank and Gaza.

This apartheid wall is merely the most visible sign of Israel’s blatant contempt for Palestinian human rights and international law. Israel commits daily war crimes against the Palestinians with impunity – killing unarmed children, bulldozing houses, stealing and destroying farmland and olive groves, and strangling economic and social life with an oppressive system of roadblocks, checkpoints and curfews.”

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