Continued Expulsion and Land Confiscation in the North
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Continued Expulsion and Land Confiscation in the North

Map of Affected Locality:

With the completion of the Apartheid Wall in Qalqiliya district, Occupation forces have been using many different policies towards confiscating lands which have been isolated behind the Wall. One of the main strategies has been the establishment of the gates and permit system, and declaring the lands behind the Wall as a closed military areas, where permits are required by Palestinians who need to access their lands. These measures resulted in drought and the subsequent perishing of thousands of trees and the loss of crops in many villages.

The Occupation forces are also using other strategies to turn the isolated lands into wastelands, which will make it easier for them to confiscate. In lands isolated to the north of Qalqiliya city, the Occupation forces are using wild boars that they let loose in the lands, destroying the wheat fields, water barrels and digging in the soil where trees are planted; the trees themselves being destroyed too.

Moreover, in Jayyus, Occupation forces destroyed one of the agricultural shacks the people in the village have built to stay in while working in their isolated lands. The farmers have been building these shacks in order to ensure that they will reach their fields and tend to them in an attempt to stop the Occupation forces from confiscating their lands. The Occupation forces have also threatened to demolish the rest of these buildings, under the pretext that the lands are in a closed military area and permits are required to access them, as well as live in them.

Also in Jayyus Occupation forces destroyed beehives belonging to a farmer from the village. The hives were located in the isolated lands, and Occupation soldiers set fire to the lands next to the hives, then broke them all, stealing the honey from inside. Further to this, tear gas that Occupation forces shoot almost daily in the village have led to the deaths and abortion of 56 sheep and goats.

As for the gates in Qalqiliya city, both the northern and the southern gates are routinely closed, many times the Occupation soldiers will close the gates in the middle of the day, not allowing the people in or out of their lands. This is in addition to the long hours people have to wait to access their lands.