Land Confiscation for the Wall in Salfit
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Land Confiscation for the Wall in Salfit

Map of Affected Locality:

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  • At noon today Occupation forces handed confiscation orders to both Salfit city and Masha village.

    In Masha, Occupation forces will confiscate 6 dunums from lands isolated behind the Wall, however the confiscation order does not provide reasons for the confiscation, claiming they are are classified.

    Yet the people from Masha have now learned that the Occupation forces intend to use the land to build a new military camp, which will be situated 20 metres from the isolated house of Hani Amer.

    The Wall isolates 5000 dunums of a total 7000 dunums in Masha. This means that most of the people in Masha require permits to reach their lands, however, only a very few were able to acquire these permits. Yet even then they have not been able to reach their isolated lands, as the gates in the Wall have been continuously closed.

    In Salfit city, Occupation forces delivered confiscation orders for three hundred sixty of land in the city itself. The confiscation orders and the attached map state that the land will be used to build another section of the Wall that Occupation forces are constructing around Ariel settlement which is expected to be 11 kms long.

    Some three months ago Occupation forces declared that they were not going to build the Wall around Salfit and the surrounding villages at this moment, and instead will build a Wall around the settlement itself. However, the projected path of the Apartheid Wall around Salfit district, a route which will annex Ariel and other settlements in the area still stands, and will be implemented in the future.