Mass Demonstration on Naksa DayAgainst the Apartheid Wall in Ar Ram
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Mass Demonstration on Naksa DayAgainst the Apartheid Wall in Ar Ram

Hundreds of Palestinians from the Ar Ram and Dahiat Al Barid neighborhoods demonstrated today against the Apartheid Wall that is planned to be built around the two suburbs, isolating them from Jerusalem.

Today marks 37 years since the Naksa, or the Occupation of the West Bank (including east Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip – all that remained of Palestine after the Nakba in 1948 – and today’s demonstration demanded an end to the Occupation, and freedom for all of Palestine.

As it is for all Palestinians, but in particular for the residents of Jerusalem, the memory of the Occupation of East Jerusalem, and the idea of Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Palestine is strong. The demonstrators today showed that they will resist the Wall being built to separate them from their city, and as they marched they chanted slogans, and carried massive banners calling for the destruction of the Wall.

The march took place along the main street between Ramallah and Jerusalem where the Wall will soon be built, sealing Ar Ram into a ghetto and destroying the main road linking Jerusalem to the rest of the West Bank. Merchants, students, men and women, the Popular Committee Against the Wall, members of local unions and clubs, all participated in the demonstration.

Other similar demonstrations took place today throughout the West Bank and Gaza, with Palestinians demanding their rights, and their freedoms; with Palestinians standing up for their self-determination and to declare that they will never relinquish Jerusalem as their capital, nor will they will they ever renounce their inalienable rights, including the Palestinian right of return.

As Palestinians today commemorate Naksa day, it proves that in the 56 years since the start of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine, the Occupiers have not been able to break the spirit of the Palestinian people, and have failed to diminish either the Palestinian cause or Palestinian resistance.


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