Demonstration in Switzerland Against Caterpillar and it’s Role in Building the Apartheid Wall
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Demonstration in Switzerland Against Caterpillar and it’s Role in Building the Apartheid Wall

***image1***On May 25, the group Collectif Urgence Palestine held a demonstration at a Caterpillar plant in Geneva to demand that Caterpillar stop supplying Israel with militarized bulldozers. The group also demanded an end to the collusion of the Swiss government with Israel, by stopping arms sales and suspending all economic ties with Israel.

The statement released by the Collectif Urgence Palestine reads:

CATERPILLAR is Destroying Palestinian Homes!
CATERPILLAR is Building a Wall of APARTHEID!
CATERPILLAR is Guilty of War Crimes!

The demolition of hundreds of houses during the latest massacre in the Gaza Strip are a further step in an Israeli policy that is in total defiance of basic Palestinian human rights.

The publicity campaign for the “withdrawal” from Gaza strip shouldn’t mislead anyone: using the pretext of “war on terrorism”, the Israeli army is tightening its grip on the Palestinian people more and more. The Israeli government has made prisoners of every Palestinian man, woman and child.

This is not a new policy, and formal condemnations from the international community won’t stop Sharon’s government. As long as real economic sanctions are not imposed on Israel, massacres and destruction of the Palestinian society will continue.

Every day proves that this war is a war of colonization, lead by a powerful state against the entire Palestinian people, in defiance of basic human rights.

The Israeli government has not respected a single UN resolution, in all the years they have been standing. Israel continues to carry out state policies of apartheid against Palestinian people; destroying buildings and houses, bombing non-violent demonstration, and massacring Palestinians.

***image4***One of the main weapons of the Israeli army in this war against the Palestinian people is made by Caterpillar. Everyone in the Occupied Territories knows Caterpillar! The most famous, is the D9, a giant reinforced bulldozer, specially armoured for military use, and provided by Caterpillar. Today, no-one can ignore the fact that Caterpillar is a driving force in destroying Palestinian houses and in the construction of the Apartheid Wall.

States and private firms can no longer continue to collaborate with Israel, less they make themselves accessories to war crimes!

Caterpillar must immediately stop all sales of material to Israel!

Stop the sale of arms and military collaboration between Switzerland and Israel!

Stop the economic accords between Switzerland and Israel!

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