Hunger Strike in Ireland to Denounce Irish Involvement in Apartheid Wall Continues
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Hunger Strike in Ireland to Denounce Irish Involvement in Apartheid Wall Continues

***image1***In Ireland a hunger strike has been going on since the 10th of June against the Irish company Cement Roadstone Holdings in an attempt to focus attention on the company’s direct complicity in the construction of the Apartheid Wall. The company owns a 25% stake in the Mashav Group, an Israeli holding company for Nesher Cement, which is the sole provider of cement in Israel.

Amnesty International recently stated that “C.R.H., through its subsidiaries Mashav and Nesher is likely to be providing the raw material of the fence/wall… if so, it would contravene the U.N. norms on the responsibilities of Transnational Corporations and other Business Enterprises with regard to Human Rights (2003).”

The Irish activist Caoimhe Butterly, which will be on a water-only hunger strike until the 24th, is supported by the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and joined daily by activists, Irish politicians and friends of Palestine that fast with her in solidarity. Many by-passers join support the initiatives for a few hours or give greetings of solidarity or participate in the candle vigils.

So far, the action has drawn not only extensive media coverage but is pushing the Irish government to examine a motion of support for the hunger strike and its demands to stop Irish complicity in the building of the Apartheid Wall as well as to decide over a special investigation against the Company.

“The tremendous support from the people here shows not only the empathy Irish people feel with the Palestinian struggle but as well a certain sense of disempowerment which we have to overcome. Complicity with Israeli war crimes has various forms – silence is one of them. Active solidarity is possible. We need to raise our voice calling for disinvestment, pressure our governments to put sanctions on Israel and to suspend the EU-Israel trade association agreement. But we can act as well in every day life through determined consumer boycott on Israeli goods”, says Caoimhe Butterly giving indications on how to act in order to support the Palestinian struggle against the Apartheid Wall and the Israeli occupation.

A press conference has been called for Friday, 18th of June at 1.30pm in front of the Israeli embassy at Dublin to underline these demands.

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