A Day in the North
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A Day in the North


Since June 25th, Occupation Forces have been preventing the family of Abu Shareb, who are isolated behind the Apartheid Wall, from leaving their house to go to the village or any other place in Qalqiliya district. Although Abu Shareb’s wife, Umm Ammar, had medical papers showing that she needs to reach the hospital in Qalqiliya city for medical treatment after she had an operation more than a month ago, she was still denied. Occupation Forces continue to use their oppressive measures against the family, in an attempt to force the family out of their house (i.e. expel), in order to achieve full control and annexation of Jayyus lands isolated behind the Wall.


The Occupation forces are also targeting people’s houses and lands that are located to the east of the Wall in Jayyus. On June 24, Occupation Forces attacked the house of the Walid Shamasneh family and fired tear gas towards the family who were sitting in their backyard. An old woman from the family had serious burns in her leg, Sabriya, Walid’s wife fainted because of the gas, and her son Abd Al Fataah was injured in his hand. Walid who had had a broken leg, fell down when trying to help his family and broke his leg again.

The Apartheid Wall is 200 meters from the house, however, Occupation Forces in Jayyus have been targeting the lands and houses that are close to the Wall even if they are more than 100 meters far from the Wall. The Shamasneh family was attacked by the Occupation soldiers more than once when they were working in their lands that are east the Wall.

Kafr Thulth
In a step that could be considered as an introduction for building the Wall to the east of the village of Kafr Thulth southeast Qalqiliya, Occupation Forces destroyed 90 dunums of Palestinian lands, uprooting more than 120 trees, most of which are old olive trees. The lands destroyed are located to the east of the village, near the settlement of Ma’aleh Shomron. The approved Wall’s path in that area cuts deep into the middle of the West Bank in order to annex Kadumim settlement with the so-called Shomron block. The Apartheid Wall to the west of the village was built in the first phase that was completed last year, destroying and annexing more than 7000 dunums of its lands. This new section of the Wall will confiscate what is left of the Village’s lands. The farmers from Kafr Thulth tried to stop the settlers from Ma’ale Shomron from destroying their lands and uprooting their trees, but the Occupation soldiers interfered to stop the farmers by firing tear gas towards them.

Azzun Attmeh
The Occupation Forces are determined to turn the village that is encircled by the Wall into a real prison, making life as unbearable as possible for the people in an attempt to force them to leave. For more than a month, Occupation Forces have been preventing medical personnel from entering the village, including the UNRWA staff, knowing that the village does not have a permanent doctor. Also, vehicles transporting goods to the village are not allowed without special permits, and the Occupation Forces make the drivers unpack all the goods they are carrying.


***image3***Last week, Occupation Forces burnt a wheat field in the village of Irtah, south Tulkarem. The field is part of a farm that belongs to Fayez Al Tanib – Campaign coordinator in Tulkarem district. Occupation Forces have been putting wires around the farm for more than a year preventing Fayez and his family form reaching the farm or working in it. The farm was on 32 dunums of lands, twenty of which were confiscated for the Apartheid Wall, the remaining 12 dunums are fields planted with grains and green houses where different kinds of vegetables are planted.

A few months ago, Fayez’s wife and children decided to go and work in the lands and had been cultivating it for some time; however, last week Fayez was with a group of journalists in his land when Occupation Forces came and threatened to punish him for being in the land. The next day Fayez received a phone call from his family saying that Occupation Forces had burnt the wheat field.

Fayez believes that the Occupation Forces are planning to confiscate this land with other lands in the area for an industrial area, where Israeli factories were intentionally left east the Wall on the Palestinian side so that any pollution caused by the factory does not reach the Israelis.


Deir Ballut
Yesterday, Occupation Forces evacuated, by force, 7 Bedouin families living in the western parts of Deir Ballut village in west salfit. Occupation Forces accompanied by bulldozers invaded the village, and started destroying the tents where the people were living, in addition to the barracks where the animals are kept. The lands where the Bedouins were living are going to be razed by Occupation Forces for the construction of the Wall in Deir Ballut, which was started ten days ago.