Solidarity with the Actions Taking Place NOW against the Apartheid Wall in Jerusalem
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Solidarity with the Actions Taking Place NOW against the Apartheid Wall in Jerusalem

No to the Intensification of the Apartheid System
in the West Bank and Gaza Strip!

For over two years, Israel has been building the Apartheid Wall in and throughout the West Bank. The largest land grab since the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967, the Apartheid Wall’s path is designed to annex the settlements and confiscate Palestinian land and water resources with the ultimate goal of encaging the Palestinian built-up areas into “Bantustan Homelands”. This alleged “Palestinian state” is meant to be a diversion from the fact that the so-called “viable option” is in fact the Bantustan model, translated into how many tunnels and bridges will there be between the various Palestinian ghettos. This is not Palestinian liberation, but its exact opposite.

The discriminatory and racist policies of the Occupation against Jerusalemite Palestinians, which began in 1967 with the aim of expelling Palestinians, reducing their number in the city and turning into reality the “Jewish capital of Israel”, have now reached their peak. The Apartheid Wall is cutting the Palestinian suburbs to the north, south and east of Jerusalem from the city, separating them from each other and turning them into isolated ghettos, which means the isolation of than 120,000 Jerusalemites from their city; all the while, annexing West Bank settlements like Giv’at Ze’ev and others to the northwest, Ma’ale Adumim and the settlements to the east, the Betar and the entire Gush Etzion Block to the south, along with annexing them to other settlements built inside east Jerusalem in order to achieve the Jewish colonial majority in the city and turning what Israelis call the “Palestinian demographic threat”—a racist term if there ever was one– into a marginalized and oppressed minority. The Wall will be the final and most brutal version of Apartheid and its ethnic cleansing vision that has systematically targeted Palestinians in east Jerusalem

The Anti Apartheid Wall Campaign is calling on national and international solidarity with the current wave of anti-Wall activities that began with the hunger strike initiated by Azmi Bishara and which has been adopted by both the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign and the Palestinian National Forces.

***image2***Palestinian resistance to the Apartheid Wall in Jerusalem continues. Numerous demonstrations have taken place in Abu Dis, Northwest Jerusalem villages and in Ram. The people of these communities are attempting to raise their voices louder than those of the Occupation Military’s Oppressive Machine, having only their bodies and voices in the face of an Occupation that is turning their villages and towns into ghettos. The people in Ram have been left with nothing but a hunger strike to declare their protest against the Wall. Palestinians in Jerusalem are trying, once again, to have their voices heard by the world. Now is the time—as it is long overdo–for Palestinians and those who support their just cause to demand their rights.

The usage of the term Apartheid and Apartheid Wall has been adopted worldwide, but most importantly by the hundreds of thousands in affected Wall communities. In genuine solidarity and unity we call:

Tear Down the Apartheid Wall!!
No to the Palestinian Bantustans!!
Free Palestine from Apartheid!!

For the Palestinian People, resistance to the Apartheid Wall will continue until the Wall is stopped and all already existing parts are dismantled!