Global Anti-War Strategy Meeting in Beirut
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Global Anti-War Strategy Meeting in Beirut

Where Next for the Peoples’ Movements…

Against War and Imperialism?

17-19 September 2004
Beirut, Lebanon

Following the fake June 30 “handover” of sovereignty, the United States’ military, economic and political occupation of Iraq continues and, along with it, the deliberate de- stabilization of the region. At the same time, the Bush administration has given the Sharon government free reign to pursue a policy of assassinating the Palestinian people and building an Apartheid Wall to isolate and control them. This is part of the US-Israeli strategy to “resolve” the Palestinian crisis by military force and subjugation.

Yet the resistance continues. Iraqis and Palestinians refuse to cower in the face of the occupiers and around the world, millions of citizens have taken to the streets calling for an end to the occupation of Iraq and Palestine and an end to imperialist wars. Together, we denounce the forces provoking religious, ethnic, racial and tribal conflicts in order to further their own interests, thereby increasing the suffering of the people and multiplying the violence and hate between them.


The international anti-war movement has been the most inspiring global movement for decades. It has shaken the warmongers and it has the support of world public opinion. It is now faced with a new situation and new challenges. That is why we are proposing to convene an international meeting of the anti-war and anti-corporate globalization movements in Beirut, Lebanon, with two specific objectives: First, to broaden and strengthen the movement by debating and developing common perspectives, strategies and campaigns for the coming years. The second objective is to deepen existing links, and to develop new links, with anti-war and anti- globalization forces in the Arab world. That is why we are holding the meeting in Lebanon.


We call on all movements, networks and coalitions fighting for peace, justice and freedom to send their representatives to the meeting in Beirut to join the discussions and to be part of building a stronger international movement against war and corporate globalization.

If your organisation agrees with this call, please write to: (The text of the call is available-to date-in French, Arabic, Filipino, Portuguese, Greek, Spanish, Japanese and Italian).


  • Anti-war Coalition, South Africa
  • ATTAC Japan
  • Campaign Genoa 2001
  • Centro de Estudios Internacionales, Managua
  • CCIPPP – Civilian Campaign for Protection of Palestinian People
  • Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP), India
  • Continental Campaign Against FTAA
  • Continental Campaign for Demilitarization of the Americas (CADA)
  • CUT – Central Unica dos Trabalhadores
  • Focus o­n the Global South
  • Gathering for Peace
  • Iraq Solidarity Campaign – Philippines
  • Jubilee South
  • Korean People’s Action against FTA & WTO (KoPA)
  • MST (Landless Workers Movement), Brasil
  • Palestine Solidarity Committee, South Africa
  • Palestinian Workers Union in Greece
  • Social Movements Network
  • Stop the War Coalition, Greece
  • Stop the War Coalition, UK