Gates Equal Continuous Suffering
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Gates Equal Continuous Suffering

***image2***On Monday, August 16, Occupation Forces began closing the Tura gate in Jenin District, which is used by five Palestinian villages. The villages, Tura, Um Rehan, Dhahr al Malih, Al Amrah and Ar Ra’adye are dependent on this gate and were annexed to the West by the Apartheid Wall.

So now, the people in these villages have to go to Barta’a gate by using the Baqa al Sharqiyah road, and as there are only two gates in the Jenin district (Tura, and Barta’a), this severely restricts freedom of movement for these communities. This is a part of the Occupation policy of making life so hard for the Palestinian people that it will force them to leave there lands and houses.

Occupation Forces keep these two gates closed all of the time and also provoke and humiliate people trying to cross them. These gates are simply a way to make the Wall appear to be legal for the world, though people cannot use these gates to enter their farms or houses. The Wall in Jenin District took many of the most fertile land inside, and if the eastern Wall is to be completed it will encircle the district from the east side as well, confiscating and destroying massive amounts of land.