More Land Destruction for the Apartheid Wall in Jerusalem
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More Land Destruction for the Apartheid Wall in Jerusalem

***image2***Occupation bulldozers continue razing the lands in villages and suburbs around Jerusalem for the Apartheid Wall’s footprint.

The destruction of lands is taking place in Sawahre Sharqiya, Eizarya and extends to the Ram area in Dahiyat al Aqbat. The lands that are being destroyed are located between the two settlements of Ma’ale Adumim and Neve Ya’cov. The Occupation goal is to annex these settlements and the Palestinian land on which they are built to Jerusalem, together with what is left of the lands of other villages that lost land to settlements.

The Apartheid Wall in Jerusalem, or what is called the “Jerusalem Envelope” is designed to encircle Jerusalem, isolating it from the rest of the West Bank. The main goal is to turn Jerusalem into the biggest “Jewish city” – the “Jewish capital of Israel”. In order to achieve this, the Wall is planned to go around Palestinian villages and suburbs surrounding the city, isolating them from Jerusalem, their work, schools, family and livelihoods. At the same time, Occupation Forces are annexing all settlements around Jerusalem, including those further to the south in the Bethlehem district and those in the north west, all the way up to the Beit Horon settlement, as well as east to Ma’ale Adumim, which extends to the Jericho borders.