Mobilization all over France during the International Week against the Apartheid Wall!
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Mobilization all over France during the International Week against the Apartheid Wall!

After months of preparation, mobilizations took place in more than 30 cities all over France during the 2nd International Week against the Apartheid Wall.

In each demonstration, hundreds of people in different regions and cities (and thousands of people in total throughout France) went out on the street. Press conferences, debates, film screenings, photo exhibits, and leafleting initiatives also took place. Brochures and stickers were distributed in great numbers.. Delegations have pressured the local authorities to take a stand against the construction of the Apartheid Wall. In the region of Haute-Vienne, 201 letters have been sent to the mayors of the region urging the local governments to pass resolutions against the Apartheid Wall and reminding them of the necessity to stop the EU-Israel Association Agreement. The Association France-Palestine Solidarité has been able to mobilize its dozens of local committees everywhere.

The French network of organizations, grassroots groups and parties against the Wall has put all the different capacities together to create this manifold action program. Dozens of organizations, networks, solidarity groups, trade unions, parties and local governments have participated in bringing support for the Palestinian call against the Apartheid Wall into the streets during that week in the conference halls and in front of the governing authorities.

Saturday, November 13 was the day in which the people of Lyon, Lille and Paris rallied against the Apartheid Wall and in memory of Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian people’s more than 50 year long struggle. The central initiative was a national demonstration in Paris that draw 3000 protestors from many different cities to a march through the center of the city to La Bastille. From Action contre la Guerre to Amnesty International, from the Revolutionary Communist League to the Green Party – a wide range of organizations supported the networks in solidarity with Palestine in this demonstration.

The French Platform of NGOs, central in the coordination of the activities in solidarity with the International week against the Apartheid Wall, is compiling a more detailed report on the impact of this week of mobilization. For more information, please contact: